Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As promised.

Lets start with exciting news...I get to try something brand new. Its through I would love to refer you but they don't have a button. anyway I am eagerly awaiting my package. Getting antsy here...OK back on topic. TATTING. as promised I made a couple videos. The videos are for double and triple picots and making a self closing mock ring..

Double picots. the easy way to describe these are...a long picot joined to the ring...did your head explode??? I hope not because they really are quite simple.
To do this you need to make a long picot...and yes pretty darn long. FORGOT to tell y'all, you can do these on chains'll know. s0 LONG PICOT,*snug it up to the rest of the DS. put as many DS after this picot, that you want in between. like 2 or 3..or even 1.
*put your hook as if to join...JOIN to what you your ring (or chain) not a shuttle (lock join) but a regular join..pull your shuttle through and make a couple more DS
* go back and make then what ever size that you want. BY that i mean if you want the INTERNAL picot smaller or larger in regards to the outer.

*long picot as before except longer
*snug to DS
*make a DS or two whichever the pattern says
*make a much smaller picot..probably around the same size that you usually do or smaller.
*again make a DS or two
*join as the double picot
*more DS's
VOILA! a triple picot. again adjust to how you want it.
Technically you can keep alternating these to get more and more picots but it really gets excessive at 4.

Needle tatters I WILL have a video up tomorrow I think doing this...still pretty simple. Also needle tatters you should already know how to do a self closing mock ring...just working with a ball and needle. SO
ONWARD! Self closing mock ring...easiest description would be "tatting a chain to LOOK like a ring"
*start with the CTM (continuous thread method) keep a loop and start a chain. follow the pattern. right now our pattern is sets or 4 ds and a picot so 4-4-4-4... like a regular chain
*set the shuttle up through the loop and pull gently closed. it'll make more sense with the here goes

here's a picture of a ring on top of a ring using the SCMR technique

oh while writing this blog i got my package...I don't know if i am not supposed to tell you but they were delicious I want more.