Saturday, June 12, 2010 needle tat too?

I am also a needle tatter, in addition to being a shuttle tatter. I think that needle tatting is easier than shuttle. At this stage shuttle tatters are to chains, and joins. I thought that I would also do needle tatting in step with shuttle so this blog entry is going to be about needle tatting.

Why I like needle tatting...
I like needle tatting because we don't have to remember to do the flip. Projects seem to fly by when I needle tat. I am a knitter which also means that i am handy with needles and they are very comfortable in my hand (not more comfy than a shuttle mind you.) so...

I am going to post 2 videos that will hopefully help all those new needle tatters. Crap! I just realized that I didn't post about shuttle join and chains...damn. OK next time, tomorrow.

much luck!