Monday, June 14, 2010


OK,OK. I'm here. I last did needle tatting, rings join and chain. Today is shuttle. My video that I'm going to put on here is just one way of doing things. Everyone must realize... no way is the wrong way. I learned from a book. The total pages committed to tatting was 3 or four, plus a pattern that i don't think highlighted all the wonderfulness of tatting. So onward. I learned in a way I though was wrong. I was so WRONG about that. I was tatting. but i wasn't "flipping" it. I really don't like to use that term but almost all tatters use it...basically to it clicked... was using the shuttle thread as the core, which mean moving the hand thread or loom thread ON the shuttle thread. I didn't get it before. So I totally confused you now...great. Onward yet again...

Rings with a shuttle. I'm sure I talk about this in the video and you can clearly see in the video but imma state it here.

grasp the thread end with your thumb and first finger and wrap in a clockwise way around the rest of your fingers,ending back at the have a ring or circle around your hand now. start your first DS...I've already posted about in a few back. so you continue following the pattern or if your lucky, your brain. Pinch the stitched and hold while you pull on the shuttle thread, until it closes. BAM ring.

so that's my opinion on things. That is how I do my rings, join, and chain. NOW we get to go onto funner things. Until next time...adios!