Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what happened here?

I has been so hot here. I am like dying. Melting. All three of my kids are sick and its so hot. SO off comes the hair to cool them down... not to mention it was time to trim up... this time it just all came here goes.

my very cute boys. Great now i wont be able to tell them apart even more so. Damn! Somehow i think that they will be much happier like this. BTW Azzy is on the left and Trey on the right. However i feel horrid about Anavay..

I mean it looks OK.... right? she freaking moved! it came out shorter than i wanted it...but at least she's not going to have jelly in her hair EVERY day..Oh and i tatted this today. Its all messy and perfectly an example of crappy tatting but i tatted it and i love tatting...speaking of which i am running out of sad..

This made me ponder this afternoon...why do tatters get obsessed with the tatting supplies? I have just totally flipped my lid. I...just...need...another shuttle, a different shuttle, different feeling thread, a different color, a pattern, a blog...need need need. i feel as if my hand is disconnected from my body when it doesn't have a shuttle in it. It yearns to move in its memory! my eyes look almost automatically for how much is in front of me. I feel my eyes zoom in on its prey as a tigress. I feel addicted but how can this be? its just thread. I dream about tatting. it soothes me and relaxes me. It know i really wish i found this earlier in life. i would be a different person for sure. But i digress.. I will try to do another part of my goal tomorrow.maybe a couple.